Epistle started on the mission field

We (the O'Rourke Family) founded Epistle in 2014 while serving in Moscow, Russia with Cru. We were feeling the strain of writing newsletters and we wanted to be able to connect more deeply with our ministry partners. We began dreaming of creating a new platform that could change how missionaries connect with ministry partners, starting with our own. Our heart for Epistle was that it would contribute to the fulfillment of the Great Commission by helping missionaries strengthen their relationships with their ministry partners.

Hard times, God's faithfulness

During this time, we lost half of our income suddenly. It was terrifying. But it was in this crisis that God miraculously opened the door to start building Epistle. We continued doing ministry in Moscow and started developing the foundation of Epistle.

In 2015 we returned to the US with a heart for church planting and for Epistle. During this season Frankie worked on Epistle and as a software engineer and architect, designing and deploying systems responsible for supporting hundreds of millions of dollars of business in health care, e-commerce and online education.


In 2019 God called us to lead a church plant in Southern Mexico. After a couple of years of preparation, in 2021 we moved to Oaxaca, Mexico where we work bi-vocationally leading the church plant and on Epistle. Epistle is the primary source of our support while we serve in Oaxaca.

Today Epistle helps us and more than 1000 other missionaries stay connected with our ministry partners.

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The O'Rourke Family in Mexico

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