Epistle is designed to make getting updates to your ministry partners as easy as possible.

Missionary Updates

You add posts to your Epistle site as things happen in your life and ministry. You can post at any time and any frequency.

Posts normally include some text, pictures and video, similar to an Instagram post.

We want you to be able to simply post as things happen in your life and ministry and not worry about things like gathering updates together, putting them into an email, determining when to send them out, getting responses from ministry partners, etc.

Step 1 is the only step where you have to do anything! Epistle goes into autopilot from here 😎

Ministry Partners

Epistle automatically emails these posts to ministry partners on a schedule personalized for each of them. These email updates will contain one or more posts.

Epistle is designed around the idea that your relationships with your ministry partners are not all the same. Some ministry partners want updates as soon as they happen, some want your updates regularly and some only once in a while. With Epistle, ministry partners can choose to receive updates daily, weekly or monthly and Epistle handles all of the scheduling for you. Ministry partners receive weekly updates by default but can change this at any time from every update email.

Automatic Updates

When you post to Epistle, your posts are not emailed to ministry partners right away:

  • Ministry partners who receive daily updates will get an email at night (Pacific time) containing all of your updates from the day.
  • Ministry partners who receive weekly updates will get an email once each week at night (Pacific time) containing all of your updates from the week. In the Update Manager, you can choose which night of the week that your updates go out.
  • Ministry partners who receive monthly updates will get a monthly email containing all of your posts from the month. This update will go out on the last night of the month (Pacific time) so that your ministry partners will have your update email in their inboxes on the morning of the 1st.

If for some reason you don't want Epistle to automatically send out your updates, you can disable this and send them out manually from the Update Manager.

Sending Updates Manually

Sometimes you need to send one or more updates out at a specific time for things like end-of-the-year asks, short-term projects or urgent prayer requests. You may even want to send out your updates manually all of the time. Epistle has two options for sending updates manually:

  • You can click "Send Updates" in the Update Manager and all of your unsent updates will be sent out.
  • You can send out an individual post if it's urgent. You can select this option when you're publishing a post.
Missionary partner engagement

Your relationships with your ministry partners grow as they interact with you through your Epistle site by liking, praying and commenting.

Ministry partners can click "like", "pray" and can comment on your posts. Epistle makes it easy for ministry partners to respond - and they actually do! Check out this snippet from the Testimonials page:

My ministry partners have responded in droves! I love the freedom to post prayer requests, life updates, or just a short synopsis of my week. It turns out, my ministry partners love it too.

Connect with ministry partners

Epistle tells you how your ministry partners are connecting so you can be encouraged 🙌

Epistle will send you a daily email showing you how you have connected with your ministry partners. You can also see this information at any time from the Ministry Partner Activity page.

Additionally, Epistle has detailed information about who is reading your updates and who is disconnected on the Ministry Partners page.

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