Supporters say we do it best

I sincerely think Epistle is the very best investment you can make in regard to sustaining your ministry. Multiple of our financial ministry partners, who have supported people for years, have come to us and said that hands-down we do the best job at updating them about our ministry...and it's all because of Epistle!

Surprisingly, it's some of our older supporters who love it the most! They love seeing the pictures, commenting on them and interacting with them by hitting the "like" and "pray" icons. It really gives us a boost of encouragement, too, to see tangibly that our partners are behind us, supporting and praying for us.

I studied engineering in college and my husband studied logistics - neither one of us like writing, and newsletters have always been a source of stress. I tried starting a blog about ministry once, with zero faithfulness or success. Epistle is easy, usable, and maintainable! The posts can be short blurbs or they can be long stories. There is no pressure to make it look good because it's already done for you.

And the best part: Epistle automatically sends out the updates, and the frequency your partners chose! It's not like MailChimp where you have to organize it, perfect it, send it; Epistle stays organized for you.

I can't describe how much pressure this has taken off of us. I used to always feel guilty that we weren't communicating with our ministry partners. Now, they come to us and tell us how much they love hearing from us and that we communicate better than anyone else they support.

We LOVE Epistle. Most well-spent $9 of the month. We highly recommend it to everyone in ministry.

My ministry partners have responded in droves!

At first I was skeptical of jumping on to Epistle... but not for obvious reasons. Let me explain, I still use (much to my friends' delight) a small flip phone courtesy of the early 2000's. I wasn't sure if I'd really be able to use Epistle well, but after hearing from others how much their partners have enjoyed Epistle, I thought it'd be worth a shot. Now, roughly 9 months in to #epistlelife, I have to say I am incredibly thankful for this tool. My ministry partners have responded in droves! I love the freedom to post prayer requests, life updates, or just a short synopsis of my week. It turns out, my ministry partners love it too. It's been amazing to connect with partners much more frequently - Epistle helps me develop intentionality with them as well as with my own opportunities. For example, I posted once about a conversation I had with an unbelieving student and within moments, over 150 people were praying for that student all over the world. I want all of the people I meet to have that same kind of prayer support! Epistle helps me be more aware of the people and places right in front of my eyes each day. If you already have a smart phone, it's just one step easier for you to bridge the gap between your ministry partners and your life - you'll love seeing those two worlds come together in the most important ways.

"A blog is too much," one friend said to me, "but Epistle is just right." She comments and prays over each and every update I send via Epistle. I know as I go out each day sharing the gospel or just running to the store, Emily is going right along with me in prayer and solidarity. I love that she can see and understand my life so much more clearly via Epistle and I love the chance to connect with her more often via this wonderful tool. It wonderfully invites others into sharing my daily life, a luxury most missionaries forfeit moving overseas. Epistle has helped me develop friendships over many miles and years with some of the most wonderful people in my life: my supporters and partners in prayer.

I originally got Epistle for my ministry partners, but I keep it for myself. I love the intentionality it fosters. I see my opportunities and appointments with students where I work so differently now - knowing that by sharing a short update, 150 of my ministry partners will be praying for me and for the students with whom I work. It makes it so easy to bring others in to my daily routine and dreams for the spiritual transformation of those around me. There's no better format for going to wide and so deep all at once.

I love the comment section the most. It takes seconds for a ministry partner to respond to a prayer request or update. The format removes that looming barrier of "it's been ages since we've talked, where do I start?" Connections happen instantly and frequently over the posts and aspects of my daily life here that I share. It's been such a gift to reconnect with ministry partners in this new way - a daily reminder of the great cloud of witnesses surrounding us all!

My uncle is an atheist so I wasn't sure about adding him to my Epistle mailings, I didn't know what he'd think. Though when I posted recently about a terrible accident one of my friends was in, he reached out to me right away and expressed his sorrow for my friend and her situation. It was so wonderful to hear from him and to process this tragic event from our different perspectives together. Thanks for the chance to come together, Epistle!

Revolutionized our interactions with our prayer partners.

Epistle has been a huge game-changer for our ministry partner updates! It’s the perfect combination of a blog + social media, creating a space for short (or long!) highlights of what God is doing in and through our lives and ministry in real time. It has totally taken the pressure off to create long emails and remember every event that has happened since I was last able to last send an update. I love that I can create posts as things are happening in our life, and Epistle does the work of notifying our partners of new updates and prayer requests. This is what ministry workers everywhere need to be using! It’s easy to use, visually engaging, low-maintenance and has revolutionized our interactions with our prayer partners. They’re encouraged as they get snapshots of what God is doing, and WE are encouraged as we get to see notifications of people praying for us and short comments encouraging us. I really can’t think of enough good things to say!

I love Epistle!

I love Epistle! It helps me stay connected with my ministry partners. Thank you for such an amazing platform.

Giving has skyrocketed!

I wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate Epistle. I have been on the field for 9 years and I wish I would have known about this much sooner! Obviously, the goal is to keep your contacts informed of your activities. I am getting rave reviews, but also, giving to our ministry has skyrocketed!

Makes writing updates a million times easier!

I love what you guys have done with Epistle! It makes writing updates a million times easier and I’ve seen a pretty significant jump in supporter interaction since using it!

Supporter: "I feel confident I'm investing well"

Epistle has immensely changed our relationship with our ministry partners - in the best possible way. In this real time world we live in, monthly newsletters weren't cutting it anymore. Our partners wanted to see more of our lives and hear more stories, and we wanted to share that with them but we're struggling to find the best way. Once we heard of Epistle, we knew we hit the jackpot! We cannot even count the number of times our partners have said things like, "I feel like I know you so much better now!" or "Before I was confused about what your day-to-day lives looked like, and now I feel confident I'm investing well when I invest in you." And with the comment and messaging functions we get to converse with our partners more often. This is truly the best communication tool to know and be known by your ministry partners.

This has been the greatest thing I could do for my ministry partners.

Thank you!! This has been the greatest thing I could do for my ministry partners. I have been shocked by the immensely positive feedback and engagement. Thank you for your help!!

Epistle kept popping up on my Facebook. I ignored it until one day when I finally clicked on it. Honestly, it looked interesting but I thought it was a waste of money. I get overwhelmed sending a MONTHLY prayer letter and could count on one hand the amount of times I’ve posted on social media this past year. Why on earth would I PAY for something that I’m already bad at? A few months later I had some staff friends share their experience with Epistle so I decided to try the two week trial. Y’all. This is the best decision I’ve ever made for my MPD. It’s also the greatest thing I’ve received feedback on - I have ministry partners I haven’t heard from in years sending page long prayers. It’s been so encouraging!!

It’s a simple & quick way to stay connected to your partners. It takes the pressure off writing a long letter but still engages people. I’ve loved getting to share updates, prayer requests and personal things on my Epistle. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Do the two week trial.

I am in love with Epistle.

I am in love with Epistle. All that it does. The easiness of uploading and creating content is unbelievable.

One-sided update to an interactive partnership

I began using epistle on the recommendation of a friend because I love writing. I expected to enjoy using the platform myself... I did not expect to receive as much personal encouragement and positive feedback from it. The responses I get from my supporters through the site encourage me. The site is easy to use for me and self explanatory for my supporters. I strongly recommend it ... it is well worth the minimal monthly fee!!!

Epistle has changed our ministry from a one-sided update to an interactive partnership!

It really brings the sense of having a team to life!

Epistle has been such a help for me to keep in touch with my supporters. This sites enables my supporters to be as involved as they want to be with my daily life despite the distance and time change. Not only does Epistle keep my supporters in touch with my life and my ministry, but it also encourages me when I see that my supporters have liked or prayed for my posts. It really brings the sense of having a team to life! I am so thankful I decided to join Epistle and I know my supporters would say the same!

Epistle has provided our family the opportunity to update our support base with tremendous ease.

Since entering full time ministry, both domestically and internationally, Epistle has provided our family the opportunity to update our support base with tremendous ease. Initially, we were writing monthly newsletters, as most missionaries do. We were finding the pressure mount as we tried to incorporate all we had done in the past month, add the right amount of pictures, and yet not make the letters so overwhelming that our supporters would not want to read them. Then there was the added cost of postage and copy costs if we sent physical letters, or the chance of blowing up everyone’s email inbox with overloaded e-letters. With Epistle, all that changed. Epistle provides us the chance to update as often as we want, include pictures and videos, and give our supporters an almost up-to-the-minute look in to our ministry. The added bonus, is that Epistle gives our partners control as to how often they want to receive updates. The webpage/social media-style format allows for more interaction than hard copy newsletters do. We have received more interaction, comments, and prayers through Epistle then we ever did with monthly newsletters. Epistle virtually eliminates the pressure of writing newsletters, and makes it a fun experience to keep our supporters updated and involved. So whether we are halfway around the world or next door, Epistle allows us to share what Jesus is doing in and through our ministry with stress-free ease.

Supporters feel more involved

I have had numerous supporters say, "I love this format! It is a way to give a very short update that people will read and quickly respond to. I have heard from supporters through Epistle that I have not heard from in 28 years of being on staff. One of my relatives said he was going to give a one time gift from reading my updates on Epistle. He has never given before and never knew what I did. For someone who is computer/electronic illiterate, this is simple to use with a great response rate. When I write prayer letters, if they are read, my supporters know the "big thing" that happened in the last month or two...three or four for me. Using Epistle lets them know ongoing what I am doing and one supporter says that she now feels like she is more involved in my ministry and knows what I'm really doing. The great thing is that I love it, the even greater thing is that my supporters love it!! I get an email that gives a "daily supporter activity" which is a great reminder to look at my Epistle and a reminder to post something. I am realizing that even when I don't have something "exciting" to post, just letting them know what I am doing that day is an encouragement to them and keeps them involved in my ministry.

Everyone is enjoying this platform more than our newsletter format

Several of our partners have been commenting and interacting with the site and pretty much everyone is enjoying this platform more than our newsletter format... Thanks for making this such a great experience and so user-friendly. I have already recommended Epistle to several other missionaries at my agency.

Prayers are going up and I can see the results

Those getting the updates really appreciate Epistle and I think I've become a better communicator. Prayers are going up and I can see the results in the boldness and power being made evident.

It's so fun and easy to use

Epistle has been an excellent tool in helping me and my ministry partners stay more connected! It's so fun and easy to use and has a clean, attractive look. Many of my ministry partners have expressed how much they enjoy receiving more regular ministry and life snippets through Epistle. I am so thankful for Epistle!

A lot of great response

I just really starting using Epistle the past few weeks but I have seen a lot of great response so far with people excited to get updates in between the monthly updates. It has also been super encouraging for me when I see a partner is joining me in praying for a student or event!

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